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Dec 5, 2011

I'm Still Broken

Well, I finally feel like I have something to blog about, but it may be that I'm the only one that got anything out of it!! But, I'll share it with you anyway!

During tis season of my life, which seems yet undefinable, I have not been writing very many songs...I just haven't been "getting" any from Heaven, except one here and one there...with months in between. Well, I just penned one about how I feel about my life at this time, and it's called "I'm Still Broken". (I don't know if that title will hit you as glorifying to God or un-glorifying to God, but either way here's the story...)
Today I got a call from a long-time friend, and I shared the song lyrics with him and he seemed to be able to relate. Then we talked about brokeness, and he shared with me how he could go to all lengths to repair and refurbish a broken vase, and it would look like new and be used as if it were new, but really, underneath, it is really broken. After he said that, and I realized that it was so true, I remembered what happened this morning....
I had an old piece of my Mom's, a ceramic "sleigh" from the 50's, up on top of my refrigerator for a while. I took it down just this morning and decided to wash it and put Christmassy smelling potpourri in it. When I took it down and pulled the old newspapers out of the inside of it, I saw where it had been totally broken and glued together, possibly many times over. I said aloud, with noone around, "That thing has been mended so many times...someone must've really liked it!" ...My friend got it, and I think I got, do you?
God likes us!!! He is committed (with His own Life's blood) to us 100%. He likes us so much, that He is going to continue to "fix us" every time we get broken. He makes us "fit for The Master's use"! The cracks let The Light (IN US~JESUS) shine through! "In our weakness, His strength is made perfect." And even more miraculous, He is "conforming us to His image".
God has determined in His own heart and mind that He will form Christ in us...that is IN and WITH our brokeness, and sometimes, I think, because of it. So, with all this profundity behind me now, I will just suffice it to leave you with the lyrics to a new song I wrote down recently....
"I'm Still Broken".

I thought by now I'd have a few things together
I thought by now I'd have a few things down
I've run this race for so long, pressing toward The Prize
But I still feel that I have sooo far to go...

I thought by now that I'd be a better Christian
I thought by now I'd have this "LOVE" thing down
But the longer I live, the more pieces of my life just fall apart...
They fall apart, until I know that

I'm still broken ~ Yeah I'm still broken
Oh God, You've got to hold the pieces of my life within Your hand
'Cause I'm still broken ~ Yeah I'm still broken
Breathe new Life into this clay and form a whole new man
'Cause I'm still broken.

I must've forgotten just how much You Love me
I must've stumbled somewhere and fallen behind
But You have prayed for me that my faith fail not
Lord, I believe...please help my unbelief,

'Cause I'm still broken ~ oh I'm so broken
Oh God, You've got to hold the pieces of my life within Your hand
'Cause I am broken ~ Yeah, I'm still broken
Breathe new Life into this clay and form a whole new man
'Cause I'm still broken.

Copyright 2011 / Willing Heart Music


At December 6, 2011 at 1:40 PM, Blogger DanPage said...

Me too Kelly :-) ... David Baroni wrote a song called "Blessed Are the Broken" ... somehow in God's economy and from His point of view, it's true. Our brokenness makes His healing all the more magnificent! May your brokenness continue to validate His "crazy love" for and through you :-) ... keep writing and singing!

At December 6, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Blogger Kathy Lumpkin said...

Dear Kelly, I can so relate to this song. You see, 2 yrs ago this past July I was injuries by a client & to make a long story short I lost my job b/c I missed too many days at work. I have been battling a damage to the sympathic nerves & the workers comp just trying to get dome help. But, no help. So, I too may going through battles. I feel like I'm like Ur moms dish that has been pu back together time after time. I am so thankful that i haveGod & his love to see me through. I love the words to this song & I hope that I can get a copy of it to. love u girl, if u come to the houston area give a call & maybe we can get together. Kathy

At December 22, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Kelly. This post really ministered to me in my own present time of brokenness and feeling so solitary in my walk with Christ. It has been months since i got a song from above. i gather it is all in FAther's good time and mending to pour through when He wills it so.

Keep singing on as the Spirit gives the utterance with the beauty and angelic gift He has so graced you with.


At January 1, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Blogger Darren said...

I love it! You've written the words that I have had in my heart for quite some time now. May God lift you and carry this song to all of His broken children worldwide. Darren


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